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About Us

The mission of Sunnybrook Day School is to provide quality preschool programs to young children and their families with an emphasis on personal attention and tender-loving care for each and every child.


A child’s early years provide a foundation for growth and development for the rest of his or her life. This early childhood is the most critical period in human growth and development, for it is the period when the foundation for learning is laid.  During these early years, learning experiences for the children must be diverse, creative and carefully planned, and based on sound principles of child development.

In keeping with this philosophy, Sunnybrook Day School’s purpose is to provide a challenging, nurturing and dependable environment where children:

  • learn through play.

  • are intellectually stimulated.

  • grow and develop at their own rate.

  • develop a positive self-image.

  • think creatively.

  • learn to handle their emotions in an appropriate way.

  • act on their environment.

  • develop a sense of responsibility.

  • learn to trust and care about those around them.

The teachers and staff of Sunnybrook are highly qualified professionals dedicated to the education and nurturing of children.  Qualified by  education, experience and service at Sunnybrook, teachers and assistants work as a team within each classroom. Currently, half of our teachers possess masters degrees in education.  Teachers are responsible for creating and implementing developmentally appropriate lessons and activities.  We value continued professional development and training for all staff persons.  Throughout the year, teachers and assistants take part in workshops, seminars, and other educational activities related to early childhood education.  All teachers and staff are certified through CPR and First Aid training.  At all times, including on field trips, a staff person trained in MAT (Medication Administration Training) is present and responsible for administering medication.

At Sunnybrook, you will see:

frequent, positive interactions among teachers and children.

planned learning activities appropriate to children’s age and development, such as reading stories, block building, painting, dress-up, and active outdoor play.


specially trained teachers and administrators.

ongoing professional development.

enough adults to respond to individual children.

many varied age-appropriate materials.

respect for cultural diversity.

a healthy and safe environment for adults and children.

inclusive environments.

nutritional meals and/or snacks.

regular, two-way communication with families who are welcome visitors at all times.

effective administration.

ongoing, systematic evaluation.

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